Sector - Retail

Reflex specialise in quality interior fitting-out construction activities offering a personalised and responsive service to meet the complex demands of customers who have retail, leisure and commercial developments.


Reflex advised us that their client, the luxury goods brand “Prada”, wanted black mirrored walls and hoarding graphics for an in store display in a globally known retail store in London as part of a planned store stake over in May 2014.


The finish on these graphics needed to be pixel perfect to reflect the luxury high-end brand values of Prada. The retail store has very strict rules as to what products can be used to meet their fire regulations.

For the mirrored walls we needed to source a class 1 fire rated product which only provided us with the option of using polycarbonate. We decided to apply matt black vinyl to the rear of the poly carbonate panels to create the black mirrored effect. Poly carbonate when it has vinyl mounted to it can cause a silvering effect where is looks like water is between the vinyl and the poly carb. By rubbing each panel with alcohol and using very good quality black vinyl we prevented this from occurring. For the hoarding graphics we printed white direct to matt black vinyl boards.


The time frame from brief to delivery was very short – around two weeks and all graphics needed to be installed overnight.

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