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We have worked with Out of Home (OOH) media specialists Limited Space for over 7 years, providing a comprehensive, digital printing service that covers their full range of mall advertising solutions – including lift door graphics, large format executions and bespoke digital screen surround wraps.

Lift graphics

We were initially tasked by Limited Space to find a suitable product that we could install and remove quickly on shopping centre lift doors throughout multiple locations across the UK. We identified a removable vinyl product that was applied with a matt vinyl laminate for protecting advertising images and giving a flat continuous look to the applied lift graphics.

Our digital printing process also allows us to print several artwork creatives for the same campaign, allowing Limited Space to further the formats appeal to advertisers by optimising the platform of their lift banks with multiple creative executions.

We are now able to supply and install 750 sites in 48 key locations nationally within an in-charge period of 3 nights.

Large Scale Printing

Limited Space’s Panoramic format takes advantage of large platforms of space such as lift shafts and central mall atriums to create giant focal points within the mall.

Our printing process enables us to print and apply crystal clear advertising prints on a large scale, with some sites measuring up to 2,000 sq ft in size.

The Panoramic network also includes large scale, double sided hanging banners.

We have a Pinterest board dedicated to the Panoramic format.

Bespoke Screen Surround Wraps

DSM (Digital Showcase Media) is Limited Space’s network of HD digital screens that covers a total of 8 top UK shopping malls. The format consists of a digital screen housed within empty store front hoardings – the surrounds of which are wrapped by us.

With each location consisting of different dimensions, we are able to print bespoke advertising vinyl for the space whilst also professionally applying the artwork, taking into account the screen, audio speakers and a smaller product display window.

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