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We were approached by Kingston University early in 2009 to look at helping the university communicate to its student and faculty population what was happening during the construction of new buildings within its campus.

After an initial survey we established that 180 metres of the hoarding would need to be covered in 3mm aluminium composite panels with an anti graffiti laminate.

What made this site particularly unique was that it was running up and down a steep bank that was flanked by staircases and hills either side of the site and a thin walkway at the bottom of the site. A risk assessment and method statement was carried out at this stage and contact was made with the campus health and safety officer. The risk assessment highlighted the limited space available to work in on the busy pedestrian routes so it was decided to carry out the work outside lecture hours to minimize the risk to pedestrians.

Kingston University designers had had no previous experience in producing artwork at such a large scale so we submitted full artwork instructions and appointed a contact within its own studio as a help point should the designers had any further questions.

We manufacture all the panels at the factory so installation is very fast on site.  The installation of all the panels was completed in 22 hours over 2 days.

Installing panels to steep gradients is paticularly challenging with lots of acurate cutting involved to maintain the flow of the artwork.

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