American Apparel Retail Display

Sector - Retail

Brief for retail display

American Apparel approached us to having worked with us before on their retail display graphics for their UK stores. The brief was for new retail displays  and we began discussing the project in April 2016. They needed a window graphics display to match one that they had produced in another country. They e-mailed some photos of an existing  retail display along with some visuals of it broken down in to parts. They weren’t 100% sure of what materials had been used to create this display. They had been given a few names of some products that are available in the USA and asked if we would be able to source the same or similar materials to achieve the same retail display look for their UK stores.

We began researching  different materials to find ones that would be cost effective, sturdy enough to withstand being sent on an overnight courier and that would be suitable for direct to media printing as well as routing to shape. We ordered in a selection of materials to test (some we hadn’t used before) and started printing to them and then routing them to shape. In the end we selected a black, lightweight foam board with a black foam centre and a rigid PVC face to the front and back of the board called Viscom. Some items looked around 20mm thick so we decided to stick 2 layers together for some elements to create depth throughout the display. We also decide to use 6mm clear acrylic for the long blue and yellow strips that would hang in front of the back board and 10mm black acrylic for the 2016 numbers that would be applied onto the grey square in the middle of the display.Once we were happy with the prints and cutting of each product, our artworking team began planning up how many strips of acrylic and foam text you would get on a sheet so that we could calculate how many sheets of material would be required for the job. By doing this we make sure that we are making the most of the material yield and keeping the costs down for the client. We dont like wastage at PressOn!

Once the quote was approved we had only gave us 13 working days to order in materials, print, route, finish, collate, pack and deliver displays for 16 stores. As there were so many elements, and a large range of sizes this was an extremely short deadline. We managed to deliver everything by the 19th!

The display was made up from the following –

Back Board – Black 10mm Viscom (foam board). We mounted a matt black vinyl onto the panel to give a high quality finish.

Grey Square – We stuck 2 sheets of 10mm black Viscom (foam board) together to create a 20mm thick panel. We then printed a grey pattern onto white self-adhesive vinyl and applied a matt laminate over the top. The vinyl was then applied onto the 20mm thick Viscom. Double sided tape was then used to attach the grey square onto the centre of the back board.

Yellow Foam Text –We printed direct to 10mm thick Viscom foam board and used spot white ink to make the colour brighter. We then routed around the edges to cut it to shape. We then attached the strips onto the back board using double sided tape.

Blue Foam Text –We printed direct to 10mm black Viscom foam board with spot white ink to make the blue brighter. We then routed around the edges to cut it to shape. We then attached the strips onto the back board using double sided tape.

Yellow and Blue Acrylic Strips – We printed direct to 6mm clear acrylic. We did not use white ink as we wanted the blue and yellow acrylic to look semi-transparent. These were then routed to shape with drill holes along the top to allow the strips to be hung in the window displays in front of the back boards, creating more depth to the display.

2016 Acrylic Numbers – We laser cut 10mm black acrylic into the shape of the numbers and then each number was glued onto the grey square to create the 2016 above the Dress Code text.

Printed retail display for American Apparel by PressOn

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